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Good Night, Good Morning! Amazing Products that can Improve your Sleep

By Adrian Prisca


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Technology often gets a bad reputation for keeping us awake at night. Whether it’s WhatsApp on your phone, Netflix on the TV, or Facebook on your laptop, there are just so many distractions that turn up to prevent 40 winks.

Nevertheless, provided you can turn them all off at a reasonable time before bed, there are some incredibly useful innovations out there that can not only help you fall asleep, but also let you wake up in a good mood.

You might already have a fantastic sleeping environment for your work and if so, it’s time to get the same at home. Here are some options for you.

Sensorwake alarm clock

Ever walk past a café or bakery on your morning commute and simply stop for a few minutes to breathe in the heavenly scents? It’s hard not to receive some aromatherapy from ground coffee or freshly-baked croissants, but now you don’t have to stand in the street to take in these fragrances. A new alarm clock from Sensorwake has revolutionized the art of waking up, as you never have to stumble and groan your way out of bed again.

Sensorwake’s product uses scents to wake the sleeper, so once your alarm goes off, a pleasant aroma will slowly start to fill the room and bring you out of slumber in the most calming way possible. The best part is that there are several fragrances to choose from: seaside, croissant, toast, espresso, chocolate, peppermint, and grass.

If the scent alone doesn’t rouse you, then a gentle, soothing melody will start to play if you haven’t switched off the alarm after three minutes. Other than being 100% recyclable, each fragrance capsule lasts for 30 days, so you have the chance to try out a new aroma every month!

Eve mattress

How many of you hate sleeping because your mattress is awful and you have constant back pain? If you’re currently nodding in agreement, then you’ll need your full attention for this next product. Memory foam mattresses are hugely beneficial to getting a better sleeping posture, and those made by Eve are some of the best available. The foam is made to contour to the shape of your body, which results in less tossing and turning during sleep. The materials used are also highly breathable, meaning your body temperature can stay a bit cooler on hot nights.

As buying a mattress is said to be a 10-year commitment, reading customer reviews on their own site should be your first port of call. However, external appraisals for the mattress have also been positive, so it’s definitely worth considering making the switch to this product, as no one wants to wake up with body ache every morning. There are also many different sizes available, so there’s something to fit every bedroom.

Kokoon headphones

Any light sleepers out there know perfectly well that sound is perhaps the biggest obstacle when trying to get some rest. A snoring partner, a roommate chattering away loudly on a phone, or a noisy neighbor playing music at ungodly hours, these are all examples of difficulties we face when trying to slumber. However, these Kokoon headphones might be the best sleep aids, designed to not only block out external noise, but will also lower the volume of your music when they sense you are ready to drop off to sleep. A companion app also comes with soothing music that can aid in relaxing the wearer.

Most importantly, however, is the fact that the headphones are designed in such a way that they will lie flat against your head, so they won’t impede comfort. Therefore, you can sleep in any position and still harness the full use of the Kokoon headphones.

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