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The Cobra is Here: Urwerk’s new UR-111C Watch

By Vlad Craciun


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Urwerk is one of those innovative brands that always has its own way of doing things, without trying to mimic other great designs from the past. And they proved this once again with their newly released Urwerk UR-111C Cobra watch – an all black original timepiece that does things different.

The UR-111C Cobra comes in a steel and titanium 42 mm x 46 mm x 15 mm case, with a sapphire glass with anti reflective coating and a water resistance of up to 30 meters deep. Under the hood, the UR-111C is powered by an impressive self winding movement with 37 jewels and a 48 hour power reserve, operating at 28,800 vph.

Time is displayed on the Cobra in a totally interesting way, through the use of rotating cylinders, without any of the traditional watch hands. The inside edge of the case is where the primary time display is shown, which might be a little hard to get used to but it’s very handy if you ask us, since you don’t need to turn your wrist to read the time.

Urwerk UR111C Cobra Watch 2

The display actually comes with three windows, with hours on the leftmost one, the middle one is bold and pronounced for the minutes, and again minutes are also displayed on the right hand window. Seconds anyone? Yes, they’re displayed in another window on the top deck.

If you think that was all the weirdness, think again. The traditional crown was replaced on the Cobra with a lever along the right hand side of the case and a rotating cylinder on the top of the case. For winding, you just have to roll the cylinder and for setting the time, you pull down the lever and then adjust the cylinders for the time.

The Urwerk UR-111C Cobra will be available in a 25 piece limited edition with a price tag of $130,000, so you might need to hurry up, because there aren’t many watches like this one.

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