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The Chill-Pool is the new type of Stainless Steel Pools

By Adrian Prisca


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One of the most important areas of any residence, the bathroom, is actually seen differently, depending on culture. Therefore, while the Americans prefer whirlpools as chill spots, the Japanese would choose stainless steel soaking tubs, for their rejuvenating and stimulating powers.

The images we’ve attached show an innovation actually, the Chill-Pool, a combination between the two aforementioned fixtures, developed by the Chill-team in collaboration with GP design partners from Vienna. Entirely crafted from stainless steel, this bathtub is resistant to both frost and all kinds of weather, and can be mounted both outdoors and indoors.

It boasts with 4 seats and 2 loungers, plus massage and sparkling air nozzles for ultimate levels of relaxation. For a more comfortable and unique feel, the tub is provided with 2 LED spots inside the basin and lighting features on its frontside and backside. It is also pretty much customizable, in order to fit customers’ individual needs.

Measuring 240 x 240 x 85 and looking extremely nice, it can bring luxury into every home.


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