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The Caviar Gold Collection from Lagos Makes King Midas Jealous

By Victor Baker


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Lagos Caviar Gold

Fine jewelry brand Lagos has decided to make this summer even hotter than anticipated; the American jeweler has recently joined forces with luxury retailer Neiman Marcus to reveal a sophisticated 18k gold collection. Dubbed as the Lagos Caviar Gold, this exquisite line builds on the brand’s signature Caviar designs and also celebrates the company’s anniversary of 40 years of fine craftsmanship, inspiration and excellence.

The Caviar Gold collection includes a variety of eye catching silhouettes, such as bold bracelets, statement necklaces, and elegant earrings. Some of these interesting pieces also feature a unique mix of black ceramic and gold, offering ladies the chance to display their personalities in a new and seductive manner.

Lagos Caviar Gold

It takes quite a lot of time and incredible attention to detail to complete any of these precious Caviar creations, as the luminous Caviar beading brings texture and transforms 18k gold into boldly feminine, sculptural jewelry. These creative designs seem to complement Neiman Marcus’ offering in the best of ways, and their 32+ years of activity and involvement with innovative jewelry.

But forget all about the past and just enjoy the moment, as these futuristic and mesmerizing pieces of jewelry could adorn your wrist and complement your fashion choices quite soon. There’s no word on a precise release date or possible price tags, but money should be no object in the face of beauty.

Lagos Caviar Gold

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