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The BMW i Vision Future Interaction Concept Is Timeless

By Victor Baker


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BMW i Vision Future Interaction Concept

Have you ever asked yourselves this question: what car would Hollywood producers think of if there were talks of a ‘Back To The Future’ reboot? BMW’s newest concept could be a good answer, as their i Vision Future Interaction has recently showed up at the Consumer Electronics Show, in Las Vegas, and blew everyone else out of the water.

Based on the i8 Spyder concept, the BMW i Vision Future Interaction is a futuristic roadster, featuring a high-tech cabin designed for autonomous driving. That’s why inside the cockpit you will find a massive 21-inch panorama display, mounted on the passenger side, which becomes an entertainment system that allows access the Internet when the car is in autonomous driving mode.

BMW i Vision Future Interaction Concept

The AirTouch gesture control system is also part of the concept’s innovative features, which enables users to interact with the panoroma display without actually having to touch it. Drivers will also find a high-tech instrument cluster with a three-dimensional display, which provides them with additional information about the car, trip, and many other things.

BMW has also equipped the futuristic concept with a unique drive mode selector, allowing you to opt out for Pure Drive mode, Assist mode or the Auto Mode, which sounds like the best big thing right now. Let’s just hope we’ll get to experience them all in the next couple of years.

BMW i Vision Future Interaction Concept

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