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The Best Luxurious Leather Beds

By Adrian Prisca


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Nothing screams luxury like a sumptuously upholstered leather bed. They are padded for comfort and come in a whole variety of styles, shapes and sizes. Below are the most popular and classic designed beds that leather and faux leather is used to upholster.

Chesterfield Bed

First commissioned by its namesake, Sir Philip Stanhope, the 4th Earl of Chesterfield, this distinctive design has been decorating our homes ever since. Chesterfield beds, divans and sofas are traditionally upholstered in leather with a statement button detail back. Today this style of bed has been given a modern twist with diamante detailing instead of button. The Birlea Manhattan Bedstead is a modern twist on this traditional design. It has a square contemporary shape but the headboard is chesterfield, softening the look.

TV Bed

The Faux Leather TV Bed really is the modern classic for our generation. Normally TV Beds are upholstered in leather or faux leather with a strong square shape for a contemporary styled item that matches the contemporary lifestyle it offers.The clever design of this bed means that the TV is stored away in the footend, so it’s not only space saving but the ultimate way to enjoy your favourite film in comfort. Some TV beds even have the remotes built into the side of the bed, so you never have to worry about looking for the remote. But the Sleep Secrets Miami Ottoman Electric Wireless TV Bed beats them all as it not only offers space for 32” flat panel TV, but offers media storage space and underbed storage for your linen.

Ottoman Bed

The Ottoman Bed is the most famed storage thanks to its effortless mix of the two S’s – style and storage.Faux leather ottoman beds are the most common type due to their storage design. The platform base of the ottoman bed rests on either a sprung assisted leavers or gas lifts so you don’t strain your back. Ottomans can even come with the storage compartmentalised like the Utopia Ottoman Bedstead .It’s this storage solution that makes this bed a great option for small and large rooms alike, whilst the faux leather makes it contemporary and stylish.

Sleigh Bed

Sleigh Beds are famed for their shape that resembles Santa’s favourite transport – the sledge. The headboard and footboard are elegantly curved to replicate this shape. It’s not uncommon to see a leather sleigh bed with a chesterfield button design on both the headboard and footboard, making this one classy addition to your bedroom. Sleigh beds were traditionally upholstered in real leather like the Time Living Swan Sleigh Bed, but faux leather sleigh beds are a great alternative that are not only cheaper but easier to maintain.

Quirky Beds

Faux leather is synonymous with contemporary style, which is why it has been used to upholster some extremely innovative shaped beds. Everything from a wave shape that bends and curves for support to a circular bed. A classic example of a faux leather circular bed is the Classics Furniture Seville Bed. Ahead of the contemporary living curve this bed has bedside table built into its base.

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