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The Bentley Vertu Cell-Phone Is That Much More Exclusive

By Victor Baker


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That’s right, it happened. Two of the world’s most luxurious brands, Vertu and Bentley, got together and worked on a marvel of a cellphone. Bentley owners, who obviously have the cash to afford the finest luxury accessories, will want to look at the company’s new mobile phone developed by luxury handset maker Vertu.

This is actually the second handset released within five years of collaboration of the two companies. Set to be displayed for the first time at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, the Bentley Vertu cell phone will go on sale starting September 18.

bentley vertu

Based on Vertu’s Signature series, this exquisite phone is handcrafted to offer you a supreme style and an incredible attention to detail. Sure, its tech specs are not worth mentioning and the old-school Nokia Series 40 software is hardly something to brag about, but the Signature for Bentley will get your attention with its chic styling and materials, not to mention the £14,500 or about $22,900 / €20,400 price-tag.

The Signature for Bentley by Vertu features a stainless steel body with a chic knurled finish, reminding you of those control knobs inside your vehicle, as well as a carbon fiber bolster surrounding the speaker and Beluga Black calf leather on the back.

Customers may opt out for one out of eight different Bentley leather and stitching colors, as well as one of six gemstones. It’s good to be rich!

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