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The Bel-Air Bed turns any room into a king’s or queen’s bedroom

By Adrian Prisca


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Nowadays, modernism and state of the art technology have taken over every industry almost completely, although there still are a few supporters of antiquities and classicism. The Bel-Air Bed is such a thing, bringing forward the styles of the past, in the form of an exquisite piece of furniture.

Even though airiness is one of the most important characteristics of today’s home, few of us still show more importance to what occupies the space, than to the space itself. This matrimonial old-fashioned bed is more of a luxury addition to your bedroom, although the price still fits the limits of ordinary people.

It can accommodate two persons, being large enough to allow a decent number of pillows and eiderdowns to offer high levels of comfort. the high-level of detailing and the silver velvet fabric that makes a large part of the bed are conferring it an air of exquisiteness, resembling the ages when kings and queens used to relax on royal furniture.

The huge feel of aristocracy is also sustained by the crystal nail heads surrounding the tapestry, bringing forwards some nice shine. The headboard measures no less than 72 inches, being the main eye-catcher of the bed and the part that sets it among high standards.

The Bel-Air Bed’s coziness is obvious at the first sight, through the thick mattress that simply can’t wait to pamper you with relaxation and support. The color combination used for the furniture is calm, relaxing and stylish, allowing for some harmony with the room, also making it come into focus.

Although the bed is packed with high quality and expensive materials, its price makes us wonder why it’s set so low. For $2,995, this incredible home & leisure piece could be yours. It’s a pity to miss something like this.


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