Sun & Moon’s iPhone Pink Diamond is perfect for girls

“Blinged” iPhones know an increase on today’s market, many companies from all over the world trying to create the most unique and eye catching iPhone. Even though some of them don’t really manage to impress, there are a few that that truly deserve your attention. One of these is the stunning iPhone Pink Diamond, designed by the Sun & Moon Jewelry Studio.

Reportedly described as an en vogue phone boasting mysticism and symbolism, the phone incorporates the core design essence of Sun & Moon, expressed through price and style. To be more specific, the phone’s casual “Home” button has been replaced with a large Princess cut diamond, while the device’s metallic frame features micropave technology.

This implies 850 diamonds scattered all over its case, as well as 18-carat gold inlay. The total weight of the precious stones gets close to 4.3 carats. The metal appears to be hidden under the shine of the diamonds, a technology especially created by Belgian masters, laureates of renowned European gem cutting contests, held by Van Cleef & Arpels.

The back panel on the other hand sports a velvety white wood essence, also decked with rare pink diamonds. Made of a gold metalloid, called “rubedo”, the Apple symbol is crafted of natural color pew-dawn sky, lighted by the rising sun’s rays. Rubedo is a combination of alloys realized by ancient alchemists, a special alloy formula that provides high amounts of shine.

Sun & Moon’s iPhone Pink Diamond was revealed at the Bon Cadeau boutique, in Moscow. Upon purchase, it comes with quality certificates for the metals, gadget and for the gemstone clipping, offered by the respective Belgian masters. In addition, customers may also choose the color shade of the diamond or the gold.

The price tag is set around $12,000, making this gadget a both special and exquisite gift for your sweetheart. It would definitely make her feel unique.