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The amazing wildlife will take your breath away at Chief’s Camp

By Victor Baker


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Chief's Camp

Located deep in the Moremi Game Reserve, a region known as the “predator capital of Africa”, the luxury pavilions of Chief’s Camp can only be reached by airplane. Named after the great Chief Moremi, the hereditary king of the area, this place is the ideal destination for those of you who love nothing more than observe wild life and enjoy its magic.

Chief’s Camp is actually located on an island in northern Bostwana, the result of seasonal floodwaters of the Okavango. Guests can stay here in 12 serene pavilions, which dot the edge of the Piajio plains in very close proximity to the resident wildlife populations that will make your days and nights here truly unforgettable.

Chief's Camp

The journey to this wildlife heaven is equally important and enjoyable, as the destination. While you’re up in the air, towards the camp, in this corner of the Mombo Concession, you will see that wild dogs, lions, cheetahs and leopards rule this land. Greeting them may sound fun but you should always keep your distance.

While you’re at Chief’s Camp you could also search for hippos or take a helicopter tour over the river delta to discover even more species. I doubt you can ever get bored in this stunning location, that also comes with a gorgeous pool, an Africology massage room and tasty local cuisine.

Chief's Camp

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