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The Ten Best Places in Italy for a Selfie

By Adrian Prisca


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Italy has no shortage of landmarks and scenery. For the selfie enthusiast it’s the perfect holiday destination with endless opportunities for great pics. These are just some of the places where you should have that camera at the ready to take a terrific selfie.

The Coliseum

Short breaks to Rome have never been so affordable with plenty of low cost flights to Europe. Rome’s most iconic attraction, of the many there are to see in this city, is the impressive amphitheater — one of the largest ever built. The best selfie can be had at Colle Oppio Park nearby. You’ll get the full magnitude of the sight which isn’t possible when taken up close.

Janiculum Hill

Rome has so many attractions that merit a picture, it can be easier to get them all in one shot. This is possible at Janiculum Hill — a ridge of high ground over the banks of the River Tiber. It’s the best vantage point for a panoramic picture with all the major landmarks included from St Peter’s Basilica to the Pantheon.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

A bucket list selfie for many, this architectural blunder can be found in the square of miracles. Stand in the forefront and pretend to push the tower whilst giving a look of indifference – it’s definitely not original but you’ll find yourself doing it anyway.


This romantic town sits on a hilltop location overlooking the azure of the Mediterranean. From beautiful terraced gardens that bloom throughout the year, you’ll enjoy one of the best views of the Amalfi coast.

Florence Cathedral

This feat of architecture is the main church of Florence and its most popular tourist attraction. It took over two centuries to fully complete but it’s now ready for your shameless selfie.

Torre Branca

In the main park of Milan, this steel metal tower reaches a dizzying height of 108 meters. You can take an elevator to the observation deck, and marvel at the city’s expansive skyline.

Accademia Bridge

This is one of four bridges and crosses the Grand Canal in Venice. It remains uncrowded as many tourists head to the more familiar Bridge of Sighs or Railto Bridge. This spot is ideal for a romantic selfie with your loved one.

Mount Etna

Europe’s highest and most active volcano is a great location for an adventurous selfie. You can hike to the 2,000 meter summit or if you’re feeling lazy, take a 4 x 4 excursion.

Mount Vesuvius

From the highest to the deadliest — this volcano is famed for its massive eruption that destroyed the entire region of Pompeii. It now remains a tranquil spot for hikers and mountain bikers. A 2,000 foot wide crate and endless views over the Bay of Naples make for a fine picture.


This picturesque island on the Gulf of Naples has an unspoiled charm with quaint fishing villages and secluded beaches. Any picture taken here will surely make your friends and family jealous. You’ll want a picture of the Faraglioni rocks rising out of the crystal waters.

If you’re planning a trip to Italy, visit some of these wonders. Don’t forget the selfie stick. You’re going to need it!

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