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The $20,000 Feng Shui Cube on wheels

By Adrian Prisca


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Feng Shui Cube

Architecture firm Space Flavor has designed this cool Feng Shui Cube on wheels for those who want to get the creative juices flowing after a hard day at work. The “cube” measures 1,100 square-foot and features a two-story rollable steel-frame, eight feet per side, and it contains a sleeping area, a study as well as a meditation room.

The lower compartments are lined with roller shades, which can be also upgraded to shoji screens for an extra $10,000. There’s even a shoe drawer integrated in the internal stairway between the floors of the cube in order to keep the flooring clean in true Japanese style.

Thanks to it’s wheels, this cube can be easily moved in any corner of your home. The price for this unique feng-shui personal space? “Just” $20,000, from which the steel frame costs around $12,000, the plywood and plexiglass for the walls and woodwork cost $6,600 while the electrical work of the cube is just $1,400.

[SpaceFlavor via BornRich]

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