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Teles Taxídi Is A $30,000 Floating Coffee Table

By Victor Baker


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Teles Taxídi

Don’t be discouraged by the ridiculously high price-tag, because this one-of-a-kind glass coffee table is probably worth every single penny. Hoverboards or self-balancing boards are some of the most popular holiday gifts right now, and I have to say I wouldn’t mind strolling downtown just like Marty did when he traveled back to the future, but.. what do you think about a floating coffee table?

The brilliant designers from a small company called Siren Design Studios have imagined this beautiful thing, a coffee table that’s called Teles Taxidi, which aims to defy gravity.

Teles Taxídi

The glass tabletop levitates above its base thanks to rare-earth magnets and a complex system of cables, with 1,000+ lbs tested Kevlar cords and pulleys, to keep everything in one piece. As a result, Teles Taxidi seems to float two inches above its base, leaving everyone standing in awe.

The structure will support books, glasses, and mugs, so you’ll still be able to savor your morning ritual, in the most interesting way possible. Nonetheless, it will cost you $30,000 before doing so.

Teles Taxídi


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