The TAKTIK 360 and AQUATIK High-End iPhone 6 Protective Cases by LUNATIK

So you’ve just spent a lot of money for a brand new iPhone 6 and you don’t want to worry about dropping or “drowning” it – which, let’s face it, can happen if you take the phone with you everywhere and use it extensively (that’s why you bought it, right?). There’s no shortage of protective cases, but most of them look really bad. What’s the point of owning a great-looking device if by protecting it you don’t have a great-looking device anymore?

Thankfully, LUNATIK, a company founded in 2010, offers a solution in the form of two high-end protective cases called the TAKTIK 360 and AQUATIK. The former features a compression closure system, single latch closure, and Corning Gorilla Glass lenses, making it a basically indestructible armor for your smartphone; the latter is the first completely waterproof, minimalist iPhone 6 case available, which also offers drop, shock, and impact protection, meaning you can safely take your smartphone with you surfing or even cliff diving, if that’s your thing.

Both cases can be pre-ordered on Indiegogo: TAKTIK 360 is priced at $124.95, while AQUATIK will set you back $99.95.