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Take Things To The Next Level With The Phase One XF 100MP Camera

By Victor Baker


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Phase One XF 100MP

Developed in partnership with Sony, the extraordinary Phase One XF 100MP camera packs a massive sensor that could leave anyone breathless with its 100 megapixels of resolution. Surely, professionals will agree that megapixels are not always the most important factor to be taken into consideration.

This might seem like overkill, but the other features on this camera are impressive as well – this camera coming packed with everything needed to satisfy as many demanding shooters as possible.

Phase One XF 100MP

The Phase One XF 100MP also boasts a full-frame medium format CMOS sensor, 15 stops of dynamic range, an ISO range of 50-12,800, an electric first curtain shutter and it’s able to do 60 minute exposures, 30 fps live view, and features the first ever 16 bit CMOS file format.

We’ll take a short break to let all of that sink in, before we reveal this camera’s price-tag: a cool $49,000. This camera will definitely be put through its paces, that’s for sure!

Phase One XF 100MP

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