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The Maunsell Forts Could Receive The Luxury Treatment

By Victor Baker


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The renowned Maunsell Forts, built to protect the coast of Kent against a Nazi invasion in the Second World War, might be soon transformed into a luxurious resort. This amazing location has been on the radar for developers for quite some time ever since the towers were last used as pirate radio stations in the 1960s.

Now the London-based ‘Next Big Thing’ has unveiled an amazing project for these forts, which sees the seven forts accommodating a Spa, bars, restaurants, retail, banqueting rooms and rooftop terraces.

A hotel with 44 rooms will be housed in the four former gun towers, with standard, penthouse and executive suites on offer, while the old searchlight tower imagined as a heritage museum.

Dubbed as Operation Redsand Forts, this project is the brainchild of David Cooper, who expects a cost of £40 million ($58 million) to turn these incredible renderings into reality.

According to Cooper, there is a lot of interest for this concept already, and it’s going to be approved, guests would be escorted to the WW2 gun towers, by helicopter or hovercraft, where thy would experience first hand one of the most incredible ideas yet and some of the most modern and impressive amenities known to man. Have a safe trip!


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