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Sveti Will Take You On The Ride Of Your Life

By Victor Baker


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We have to admit that most modern superyachts look quite similar; sure, there’s a slight variation in shape and style, and an even more noticeable difference in terms of equipment and luxurious amenities, but other than that nothing changes – except for the price-tag.

However, Italian design studio Pastrovich has imagined a new superyacht concept that they’ve called Sveti. This futuristic vessel looks more like a spaceship or a floating submarine rather than a traditional superyacht. And from what the design studio states, its distinct shape actually results in improved internal strength and less materials used.


Now let’s get into the details. The top level of the cabin uses expansive windows and exceptionally high ceilings, which will turn this area into a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. The second interior level houses a couple of bedrooms and living spaces, while the third interior level features other guest bedrooms and spa areas, with thick, underwater windows.

The lower deck of this marvelous vessel will allow passengers to enjoy several bars and wine cellars, but what really makes the Sveti Superyacht stand out is the massive rear deck with three large swimming pools and incredible outside space. Wonderful concept, isn’t it?


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