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Goldgenie Will Get People Talking with a tiny 24K Gold Luxury Phone

By Victor Baker


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If you’re always busy and on the road, you’ll probably want to take your important business calls even when you’re mobile. So what do you think about a tiny 24k gold smartphone that’s not necessarily meant for the palm of your hand?

Goldgenie, the London-based luxury customization company, has just introduced the smallest wearable phone, a retro-looking luxury phone that also acts as an earpiece, which means you can speak right into this phone, while keeping your hands on your steering wheel.


Bear in mind, this is not about utility; it’s about showing off. According to Goldgenie, this statement device would be a great thing to wear for a trip to the golf-course and even at the office. If you drop it on the greens or somewhere in your office, I think that you’d be able to find it extremely fast with all that bling. 

But in the club? Not a brilliant idea to drop it in there, that’s for sure. Featuring about 36 hours of standby, the Goldgenie wearable phone will set you back around £499 or $769 and if nothing else, it will make you stand out of the crowd and get people talking.



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