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Bali Hai is actually an Idyllic Mansion from Australia

By Victor Baker


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Bali Hai

Offering breathtaking views to the Daintree Mountains, this stunning property located in Queensland, Australia is the kind of house that only Bond villains and rich entrepreneurs could afford to enjoy.

This idyllic hideaway is called Bali Hai, and it offers 80 acres of natural paradise, all for yourself. The property is extremely private and it’s all about luxury living, as I’m sure you’ll quickly realize from these photos.

From the stunning wet edge pool and sunken baths to the swimming holes and rapids in the pristine river going through the property, the 3-bedroom and 3-bathroom house is much more than a place to call ‘home’.

Bali Hai

It features an incredible kitchen, a seamless indoor/outdoor open plan living and it’s located about 15 minutes away from Port Douglas. Of course, that doesn’t matter much, once you notice the helicopter in the ‘driveway’.

The luxurious Bali Hai also includes 3 grass-roofed bures, all with en suites and each partly roofed so that guests may appreciate the river and rain-forest from the shower. Obviously, such exclusivity comes as a high price, which should explain the AU$ 3,000,000 price-tag.

Bali Hai


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