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Stylish Swarovski-studded gilded bike from Russia

By Adrian Prisca


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We’ve been quite staggered by the thing you’re going to see next – the most expensive low-rider bike created in Russia has been embellished with a whopping 1,500 Swarovski crystals and fitted with handlebars and a seat crafted from Italian leather. The seat has been furthermore embroidered with gold thread.

The blue bike has been coated with gold-gel, besides being encrusted with the absolutely humongous number of crystals. Interestingly enough, this magnificent bike has managed to be awarded with two first places at the Winter Cup, while being nominated for three awards.

It has taken the manufacturers of this bike more than an year to bring it together. There are two versions available, on gilded with pure gold leaf and the other painted in blue. The blue version will set you back $30,000, while the gold-leaf one costs around $21,700.


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