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Apple iMac refined with precious stones and gold

By Adrian Prisca


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As the expression “top notch” has been integrated into each and every gadget manufactured by Apple, there is also another word that should also be synonymous with the famous brand – “luxury”. Focusing on the iMacs, we’re aware that many of these gadgets have been superbly customized with all sorts of embellishments, ranging from Swarovski encrusting and chrome finish to solid 24-carat gold.

The latest fashion we’ve stumbled upon consists of some redesigned iMacs, featuring gold and all sorts of stones. The original case of the machine has been replaced with a brand new one, completely crafted from onyx, while the monitor was made of ivory. These iMacs can also be garnished, if the customers choose so, with onyx, jade or malachite.

The Apple logo is also fully customizable, lending itself to gold manufacture. Each custom iMac will take around 2 months to put together, finally boasting a price tag of up to $100,000.


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