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Stylish Leather Checkers Set from Gucci

By Adrian Prisca


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It’s some kind of a surprise for us to see Gucci taking over the world of gaming. They’ve created something that the fans of checkers will surely love. The Gucci Leather Checkers Set is going to be a must have for anyone who loves Checkers, boasting with exquisiteness and finesse.

The set was crafted from dark brown leather with dark brown guccissima leather trim. The pieces on the other hand, colored in ivory-cream and brown, were stamped with an interlocking G coat of arms. In addition, the set features snaps on both sides.

Take a few minutes and check the Gucci Leather Checkers Set out for yourself. It can either serve as a gift for the checkers enthusiasts or loved ones, or simply as gift to yourself, a great way to carry on with your gaming passion. The set is available, with a price tag of $4,350, at the Gucci online store.

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