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Spielberg Would Have Loved This Beverly Hills Mansion

By Victor Baker


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Beverly Hills Mansion

First off, let’s get the odd yet impressive out of the way: did you know this incredible home has a Tyrannosaurus skull worth millions of dollars hiding in the basement? We’re guessing ‘no’ is the answer to our question, but this classical-style residence, spreading over 10,000-square-foot, is on the market nonetheless.

The glittering Beverly Hills mansion in front of you could be yours for a cool $17.8 million and unfortunately the dinosaur skull is not for sale with the property. Located at 9135 Hazen Drive, this spectacular property is bound to attract quite a lot of attention – although Steven Spielberg would probably go straight for that T-Rex souvenir.

Beverly Hills Mansion

Situated on just over one acre, this elegant home boasts seven bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, and way more impressive features. A dome skylight, an oversized fireplace and an adjoining purple wood-paneled office, a library, and a sun room are all part of the offering as well.

There’s also a polished gourmet chef’s kitchen, if you’re in the mood for some cooking, while the formal dining room is the place where you could chat with your friends or family before enjoying delicious treats. But the next owners of this luxurious mansion will surely love the master bedroom, which comes with a cozy fireplace, sitting room, a private balcony, and his-and-hers closets and baths.

The basement hides a private lounge and media room with a bar, TV, and pool table, so this is the place to relax and have a little bit of fun. And if all else fails, the swimming pool, spa, and the barbecue area will help you enjoy your day. What do you say?

Beverly Hills Mansion

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