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Virgin Concept Yachts Unveils The Gorgeous M/Y Vigor

By Victor Baker


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Virgin Concept Yachts

Virgin Concept Yachts has just unveiled a brand new project, an incredible 110-meter explorer yacht called VIGOR that was designed in collaboration with Edwin Vandermark. Of course, the brand’s extensive knowledge and expertise in explorer yacht design has been beautifully mixed with Vandermark’s imagination for this project, who took care of the interior spaces and facilities.

The sleek and powerful lines of this vessel, running seamlessly across its hull, complement the 5 decks dedicated to both indoor and outdoor entertainment. A helicopter pad, a lavish beach club, spa pool and the serene views from all decks should be more than enough to get anyone excited about this sueperyacht.

Virgin Concept Yachts

There are over 2,300 square meters of social areas available for passengers, with 2 large VIP staterooms and 6 guest cabins making sure everyone is enjoying the trip in style – comfortable sleeping arrangements are available, although sleeping seems such a waste of time to us.

What might be even more impressive is that Virgin Concept Yachts Monaco has also introduced two luxury limo tenders to complement VIGOR, sized 9.5m/31ft and 12m/40ft, and specially designed for sociability, sports, and most definitely fun times.

These lightweight tenders will be made of carbon and a Kevlar-like material, set to deliver incredible performance, durability and fuel efficiency. Where would you like to go?

Virgin Concept Yachts

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