Snowmass Estate in Colorado on sale for $75 Million

Recently, the Hala Ranch in Colorado was sold by Prince Bandar Bin Sultan to John Alfred Paulson, for $49 million. The record price is about to be surpassed by the old Snowmass estate, which has reportedly been put to sale by Patti Wheeler, author of books for children, and her husband Tom, for a staggering $75 million.

Located in the heart of Colorado county, at 1220 Watson Divide Road, and covering a whopping 876 acres, if it gets sold it will become the most expensive property sale in the entire state of Colorado. It has been anonymously described as one of the nicest properties in Colorado and was recently listed for sale by Joshua Saslove of Joshua & Co., affiliate of Christie’s International Real Estate. The property is easily identifiable by the immensely long wood fence that runs from Snowmass Creek to just above Highway 82.

Its construction has been completed in 2007 and includes an 18,500 square feet luxurious residence with 6 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms. There are also three swimming pools on the property, one of them having a private beach club and a whopping 15 miles of trails guests can hike. The main residence sports a movie theater with exquisite onyx columns and dedicated stage, video room, a partly indoor and outdoor swimming pool with a light-up painting of the night sky, spa with treatment rooms, dedicated video game room and gorgeous outdoor kitchen.

The main reason behind this transaction would be that the twin sons of Tom and Patti Wheelers are soon going to leave for college, looking forward to relocating within scantier residences. Who’s going to pay $75 million for this, though? We’re extremely curious!