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Size Does Not Matter For The HYT Skull 48.8

HYT Skull 48.8

HYT Watches could be easily confused with gifts from the gods, as these stunning watchmaking marvels are far from being shy. Their bold and unique design is beautifully complemented by a complex hydro mechanical construction that has put the Swiss brand’s name on top of everyone’s shopping list, while that large skull-head on the dial makes these watches even more appealing.

The HYT Skull 48.8 is basically a new episode of a familiar show; this mesmerizing timepiece was not meant to be hidden or remain discreet. That’s why it’s now available in a smaller 48.8 mm case, available in either full 18k pink gold or a combination of 18k pink gold with DLC-coated titanium, which houses the complex fluidic mechanism.

HYT Skull 48.8

The dial has been redesigned a little and it now displays a criss-cross pattern, with several scars and a patinated gold color, which is set to age over time. Future customers may enjoy either a pink gold or an anthracite grey galvanized dial, depending on their choice, but the fluidic system is still the same.

The Chronode-developed movement is visible through the caseback and it’s finished with pleasant decoration, while a black alligator strap complements the gold version of the watch, and a cognac-colored patinated leather strap, with a rubber core and a matching cuff, adds even more appeal to the black DLC-coated version.

The black titanium or the gold version will set you back a cool CHF 79,000 and the full 18k pink gold version will cost you CHF 89,000. HYT usually produces watches in limited numbers, and that’s also the case with the HYT Skull 48.8 – only 50 units of each version will be up for the grabs.

HYT Skull 48.8



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