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Nature Versus Man: Lalique Mon Premier Cristal Hirondelles

By Victor Baker


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Lalique Mon Premier Cristal Hirondelles

From where I’m typing, it’s somewhat difficult to tell what season this is; it’s cold and it’s snowing, although the calendar tells me it’s late March. That made me think about a possible contest, man versus nature, in which people would try to find out which aromatic experiences are more overwhelming – nature’s wonders or our meddling with scents.

The new Lalique Mon Premier Cristal Hirondelles seems to arrive just in time for such a debate. The famous French brand, established in 1888 by the brilliant artist René Lalique, is very well known for art, glass, jewelry, as well as fragrances, and this year they have a solid reason for celebration.

You see, in 2018 it’s been 130 years since the brand has kept us on the edge of our seats, and a new fragrance called Hirondelles was specially designed to take us to the heart of its founder’s peerless heritage.

Lalique Mon Premier Cristal Hirondelles

The newest addition to the Mon Premier Cristal Collection is actually a limited edition fragrance, with only 130 numbered pieces honoring the Swallow motif. Hirondelles is the 4th fragrance in the line, developed by master perfumer Nathalie Lorson, celebrating an iconic visual element – the bird that announces the arrival of Spring. And so, we get back to the aforementioned contest.

Jasmine, the delicate flower of the south, was chosen as the focal point of this exquisite scent. Jasmine Sambac offers the solar radiance of its orange blossom, Egyptian Jasmine Grandiflorum wafts its airy scent into the heart of the fragrance, while the rare Grasse jasmine lends its addictive powers to this fascinating floral portrait.

Top notes include Freesia, Gardenia, as well as Tuberose, with the base of the scent supported by Madagascar Vanilla Absolute, Heliotrope, and Musks. An interesting mix, isn’t it? Before you get too excited, you should know that Lalique’s Mon Premier Cristal Hirondelles comes in the 80 ml crystal bottles, and each of the 130 pieces costs 980 EUR.

Lalique Mon Premier Cristal Hirondelles

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