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Shut Releases a Unique Gold-Plated Skateboard

By Brody Patterson


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Shut is a skateboard manufacturer based in New York City’s Lower East Side neighborhood. Known for the high quality of its work, the company has really outdone itself this time, perhaps even going a bit overboard with this unique gold-plated skateboard.

Except for its this one detail that really sets it apart from anything we’ve ever seen, it’s a normal 31.5-inch long, 8 inches wide, 8 pound skateboard. It’s certainly not just a decorative piece, with fully functional parts such as high-quality trucks made by Independent. Then all of this goes through an electroplating process, getting covered in gold of 99.99% purity and is then polished to a mirror finish. Shut will even throw in a pair of 100% cotton archival gloves with every purchase.

It’s unlikely you’ll see the kids on your block riding one of these, however. The price for one of these gold-plated skateboards is a hefty $15,000, so they’ll probably all end up in the hands of wealthy collectors.


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