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The Ziesel Is a Tiny Off-road Vehicle that Packs a Serious Punch

By Brody Patterson


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Austrian company Mattro Mobility Revolutions has come up with an interesting off-road vehicle called the Ziesel (which is German for ground squirrel).

Despite the fact that it looks like the combination between a tank and a golf cart, the Ziesel demands respect. Perfectly suited for leisure activities, it won’t shy away from doing the dirty work and is perfectly capable of doing some heavy lifting. Furthermore, it’s perfectly suited for just about any kind of terrain, whether it’s snow, mud, sand or grass.

The Ziesel is powered by twin 4.4 kW hub motors with the peak power ranging from 12 to 18 kW. Different models are equipped with various types of 96V Li-ion batteries that can store between 6.3 kWh and 10.8 kWh and are equipped with automatic heating systems for operating in low-temperature conditions, as well as a monitoring function. In addition to this, the Ziesel comes with an intelligent input-analysis joystick, full-time redundant safety checks for the entire system, self-diagnostics and error-handling, while also providing the option of customizing different driver profiles.

Prices for the Ziesel range from about $27,500 to $32,900.


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