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Zero is a Cool New Personal Helicopter Concept

By Brody Patterson


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Spanish graphic designer Hector del Amo has come with a really interesting concept for a personal helicopter called Zero. It’s always nice to see smaller, cleaner and more efficient means of transportation, whether it’s cars, planes or bicycles.

We wouldn’t say no to jetpacks either if it’ll help with the rush hour traffic – not to mention how awesome the ride would be! In many ways, Zero is sort of a jetpack. Narrow, transparent, seemingly lightweight, it looks more like something you wear than something you hop into.

No words as of yet regarding anything like technical specifications, price, or development timeline. Which is understandable, since Zero is still in the concept phase, hoping to catch the eye of someone with the funds and the know-how to actually build it.

Nevertheless, it does look like a cool piece of equipment and we would like to see it developed further. Check more toys here like this interesting concept.

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