Lady Candy is a True Aristocrat of the Sea

Developed by Italian luxury shipyard Benetti, Lady Candy is an amazing 57 meter superyacht whose designers, builders, not to mention owners can be really proud of.

Modern and elegant, Lady Candy features an exterior color palette of light beige and white, with contrasting dark windows for a great effect.

The boat’s interior is welcoming and extremely spacious (something you’d expect from a 57 meter vessel) and has an undeniable air of luxury about it. The airy main saloon has a certain grandeur about it, same as the main dining area, with its large windows and chandelier.

Accommodations include no fewer than 6 luxurious suites with even room between them for up to 12 guests. The two upper deck suites, each with wide panoramic windows and spacious private decks, are really impressive, however nothing compares to the master suite, with its rich oriental design, ample gold detailing and the abundant use of luxury materials such as leather, silk and high-gloss wood.

Lady Candy is all about space and an air of openness, something perfectly epitomized by its wide walkways and generous sun deck. However its exquisite, unmistakably oriental design and high-end finish make it more than just a big boat – we’re talking about a true superyacht here.

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