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Shinola’s Runwell Turntable Brings Back Vinyl Memories

By Victor Baker


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Runwell Turntable

We can’t help but feel overwhelmed by the incredible Runwell Turntable before you, which looks nothing like a piece of technology meant to help you enjoy your favorite tunes; it’s more like a 21st century piece of art and we totally love it!

Designed by the brilliant team at Shinola, this new futuristic turntable allows you to play your precious vinyl records in a completely different way. The Detroit-based luxury brand has recently announced a new Audio division, with Alex Rosson (founder of Audeze) leading the team which came up with the beautiful Runwell turntable.

Runwell Turntable

A belt-driven turntable at its core, Runwell was actually designed and developed in collaboration with New Jersey’s VPI Industries. It shows off steel, precision-machined aluminum, and wood components, and it’s capable to play records at two speeds.

Made by MDI Manufacturing, with circuitry and a phono preamplifier manufactured by American Board Assembly., this player will make you want to party once again, with vinyl records. Set for arrival this month, the first limited-edition run will only include 500 units, and each of them will set you back $2,500 – a total bargain if you want to charm your friends or family.

Runwell Turntable

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