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Sharp Just Unveiled the World’s Largest 8k LCD TV

sharp 120 inch 8k tv 1

If your 55-inch 8K TV is starting to look too small for your living room, Sharp recently unveiled the “world’s largest liquid crystal display monitor”, a massive 120-inch 8K LCD TV that also features 5G connectivity.

Showcased for the very first time at the IFA trade show in Berlin this week, Sharp’s newest TV is still a lot smaller than Samsung’s 8K 292-inch The Wall Luxury TV, but that one is actually based on Micro LED, rather than LCD, and Sharp’s massive LCD TV aims to take quality to a completely new level.

Micro LED TVs get to their huge size by combining multiple individual panels and just scaling up the image, while Sharp’s latest TV is basically a single, backlit, LCD panel, that’s by far the biggest in its class.

sharp 120 inch 8k tv 2

Add in the embedded 5G connectivity (that won’t be available anytime soon) and you get the perfect LCD TV for displaying 8k content. According to Sharp, the combination of this advanced 5G connectivity and the TV’s sheer size and liquid crystal quality makes it perfect for displaying artworks, with substantially greater detail that can’t be observed on a regular 8K TV.

It might be hard to find a good TV wall mount for this huge LCD monitor, but if you’re able to afford this TV I’m pretty sure you won’t have any problems finding the right place for it in your home. Sharp hasn’t released any pricing or availability information yet, but you can expect it to cost more than a brand new luxury sedan.

Its closest competitor, Sony’s 98-inch 8K LCD TV went on sale a few months ago for a cool $70,000.

sharp 120 inch 8k tv 3


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