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Selena Gomez Is Selling her Hidden Hills Estate for $4.4M

By Victor Baker


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Selena Gomez estate

One of Selena Gomez’ pretty rich fans will get really excited about this.  The uber sweet singer is now selling her beautiful three-acre estate in Hidden Hills, California for just $4.495 million.

The lavish home comes with multiple fireplaces, a beautiful outdoor pool, a movie room and manicured landscaping, which makes you wonder why the renowned star got bored with the estate after only about a year of ownership.

Selena Gomez estate

We’re talking about a five-bedroom main residence, with six bathrooms and five fireplaces, a massive formal dining area, rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows and spacious closets, a large indoor gym, an outdoor courtyard indoor and outdoor spas, a cabana, an outdoor kitchen and even a brick pizza oven. Why would anyone get bored with that kind of living?

There’s even a guesthouse, which features a fully-equipped kitchen, its own fireplace of course, a walk-in closet and a cozy terrace. The artist and one-time Disney star has listed the property just a couple of weeks ago and if you can afford it, I’m sure there will be no downside to purchasing this estate.

Selena Gomez estate


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