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S.T. Dupont Samurai Prestige Lighter And Pen Set

By Adrian Prisca


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S.T. Dupont is a French designer brand specialized in creating bespoke lighters, pens, handbags and many collectible luxurious goodies. The latest creation from S.T. Dupont is a limited edition lighter and pen named “Samurai Prestige” in honor of the military nobility of the old Japan.

The uber luxurious lighter and pen set is limited to just 20 pieces, each of them being priced at a staggering $66,000! These stylish creations will feature a chiseled piece of solid rose gold and hundreds of white diamonds, textured black leather and silk ribbon accents. The set will also come with a lovely display stand and a matching katana or samurai sword letter opener.

The S.T. Dupont Samurai Prestige Lighter And Pen Set is perfect in every small detail and apart from the beautiful lighter and pen, the small katana further enhances the Samurai-inspired style. In case you can afford this pricy lighter and pen set, it will probably look incredible on your office and add certain Japanese influences to any room.

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