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Porsche Design’s KEF Audio Line Looks Sophisticated

By Victor Baker


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Porsche Design KEF

KEF, the renowned British loudspeaker manufacturer, has recently joined forces with the talented team behind Porsche Design to release a fresh range of stylish audio products meant to grab everyone’s attention and excite our senses.

The brand’s Space One wireless headphones, the Motion One in earphones and the Gravity One Bluetooth speaker now show off a bespoke look courtesy of Porsche Design.

First, Space One’s elegant profile now shows off a darker look, with a high gloss inlaid Porsche Design logo placed right on the ear-cup flap, while the 30 hours of audio excitement, with active noise cancellation, will most likely also get customers very interested.

Porsche Design KEF

For the Motion One in-ear headphones we now have a full black look, with minimal styling, that will allow you to match them with basically any outfit. And last but not least, the seamless aluminum housing of the Gravity One speaker now exudes quality and finesse, combined with minimalism and style, allowing it to stand out of a crowd and thus convince you this is how you should be spending your money.

Available in Porsche Design and KEF stores starting this month, these products will sell at $395 for the Space One, $250 for Motion One and $380 USD for Gravity One. Feel free to grab the entire range and prove that’s the way to go about such things. Speaking of audio products, what are you listening to now?

Porsche Design KEF

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