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Fashion and a Good Cause in a Bottle: Disaronno by Missoni

By Victor Baker


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Disaronno by Missoni

Italian liqueur brand Disaronno will always make your day better, but today they’ve outdone themselves by introducing a limited edition fashion-inspired bottle, featuring a design imagined by the high-end fashion house Missoni. This is actually the fifth iteration in the brand’s fashion-inspired Icon collection, that was started back in 2013, and aims to add a nice taste to the current fashion trends.

Considering the dynamic universe that revolves around the fashion world, we think there should be more limited editions like this unveiled every single year. Add in the fact that this project also helps a remarkable humanitarian mission, and you have even more reasons to go for it.

Disaronno by Missoni

Part of the proceeds from its sales will be directed to Charity For Development, which has developed many important projects in Africa so far. For each bottle edition, the Italian liqueur brand holds a special launch event that’s usually atended by many celebrities, music stars, and many other famous people, who also contribute to its fine cause.

The special edition Disaronno by Missoni shows off a cool zigzag design, with Disaronno set to launch six limited edition mini bottles, available in packs of three. Starting this month, this exclusive limited edition will be available worldwide, which means you will get to enjoy a smooth drink and do a good deed – all at the same time.

Disaronno by Missoni

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