Perfect 100 carat diamond auctioned for a staggering $22 million

Sotheby’s New York has recently auctioned off one of the most amazing gems in the world, an extremely rare “perfect” 100 carat diamond, sold for a staggering $22.1 million! The internally flawless, emerald-cut diamond lead the sale of Magnificent Jewels which achieved a total of $65.1 million, a new record total for the jewelry auction in New York.

Having everything you’d want in a diamond, this extremely rare 100.20 carat gem is one of the purest and most valuable types of diamonds. D color, internally flawless and Type lla, this this diamond is the definition of perfection, a masterpiece of human skill and also a miracle of nature.

Its color is whiter than white and since it’s free from any internal imperfections, it has such a clarity that you could only compare it with a pool of icy water. It was chiseled out from a 200 carats stone found in a De Beers mine in South Africa and Sotheby’s claims it’s one of the only six “perfect” diamonds weighting over 100 carats to be auctioned in the last 25 years.

It was expected to sell for somewhere between $19 to $25 million and it got to $22.1 million in just three minutes of bidding war.