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PAL-V’s Personal Air & Land Vehicle Works Great

By Adrian Prisca


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If you’re tired of the overcrowded roads and you’re searching for a faster way to go from point A to point B, there’s a Dutch company called PAL-V which has come out with what might be the very first reliable flying car. The PAL-V flying car is ready to take flight whenever the road conditions get harsh, or when the traffic gets too heavy. It’s also ready to take you above small mountains and lakes, with the comfort of a helicopter.

In terms of mechanics, the PAL-V is actually a three-wheeled car, encased in an aerodynamic case, equipped with a gyroplane which can take off similarly to standard helicopters. It is also ready to fly up to 4,000 meters high, well below commercial airlines. In addition, the potent gasoline engine allows for a maximum diving speed of 112 mph.

If you require more info regarding this incredible piece of machinery, check out their main PAL-V page. We’re not sure when they get to be officially launched for purchase. Let’s hope we’ll see these contraptions above streets soon enough, so that the traffic gets lower and the number of accidents goes down.


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