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Chopard has unveiled the new L.U.C. 8HF timepiece

By Adrian Prisca


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One of the greatest and most exquisite timepiece crafters in the world, Chopard, is back in our attention with an upgrade to its already incredible L.U.C. collection. The L.U.C. 8HF watch comprises some mechanics rarely seen in the timekeeping industry of today – it has been bettered with a high-tech 8Hz or 57,600 vibrations per hour escapement, almost doubling its already renowned accuracy.

The timepiece doesn’t boast the highest speed on market today, but is the only high frequency mechanical watch that was ever presented the COSC certification, the official Swiss standard keeper of chronometric performance. This is quite a hit for the fabled brand, given the fact that the L.U.C. 8HF bears a retro-styled case.

In terms of mechanics, the Chopard L.U.C. 8HF – Calibre L.U.C. 01.06-L (in-house researched and developed in Chopard workshops) boasts a 42 mm titanium shell that covers the COSC-certified movement. Its most important mechanical parts haven’t been exposed, but the exhibition caseback reveals a general view of the movement.

The only part that demonstrates the high performance of this watch is the small seconds subdial between the 6- and 8 o’clock positions, which moves considerably smoother than watches with more mundane escapements. But this is the only part of this watch that offers glimpses into its background technology.

The Chopard Technologies of Fleurier have done a really great job in subtly creating a movement that places this timepiece into another dimension of the timekeeping industry. On one hand, this piece represents a great improvement in the timekeeping field.

On the other hand though, it’s both a trail blazer and a question mark, considering that it makes us wonder what to expect in the near future. Timepieces enthusiasts worldwide have already launched their speculations regarding the probability of a 10Hz’s coming to life; furthermore, another rather important query is whether it will be created by Chopard or not.

This Chopard L.U.C. 8HF will be available in a limited edition of 100 units, simply because Chopard has nominated the series as experimental. Its looks are here to back it up, with an L.U.C.-inscribed crown as the cherry on the cake.


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