Cool Missix Armchair Inspired By Ancient Spirals

Di Marzio Design have penned down some rather curious chairs, with a strange yet interesting shape dubbed as the Missix Armchairs. Their curvy design is actually inspired from the Minoan spiral in Santorini and involves a number 6 shape. Its name is actually an insight into its delicate forms and lines, conferred by the rotational molded polyethylene they are made of.

The spiral goes a rather weird way, appearing to be rotating around itself, in an elegant and pure way. This is enhanced by the calm, white coloration. In addition, the Missix Armchair is light and extremely easy to move around, ready to fit both outdoor and indoor environments, pampering its owner with style and comfort.

Discovered on ChicTop, the designer’s description goes like this: “This small armchair looks compact and monolithic together, yet its sinuous and enveloping line shows its minimal nature, enhanced by a light and soft shape. This fully recyclable material makes Missix a robust, lightweight and handy chair, which is both easy to clean and impact and weather-resistant.

Missix is suitable for both residential and contract environments, in both indoor and outdoor areas. The intuition behind Missix comes from the mysterious perfection of the Minoan spirals from Santorini, which date a thousand years earlier than the geometrical figure commonly attributed to Archimedes.”

We’re soon going to check whether they’ll be put to sale and where, including their price. If the data is made public, of course.