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One Of the Safest Homes Ever Built priced at $5,8 Million

By Adrian Prisca


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Luxury, exquisiteness, art, style, comfort, opulence – we’ve been talking a lot about residences which can be characterized using these words, but we’ve sort of put safety aside. Let’s not forget about it and talk about one of the safest homes ever built, a 5-story mansion in the Hollywood Hills.

The founder of security brand SAFE (Strategically Armored & Fortified Environments), Al V. Corbi, has designed this interesting estate. He is renowned mainly for designing security systems for governments, superyachts and individuals worldwide. Providing an all-around 360-degree panorama, the property is located in the exclusive Hollywood Hills Sunset Plaza community, with huge windows through which one can admire the beautiful surroundings.

The entire property comprises 2 separate homes. In case danger arrives, there are two safe cores and two panic rooms. In addition, it provides Sunset Plaza Drive Parking spots for 20 cars, besides its own 6-car interior garages. In total, the living spaces comprise 5/7 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms, lavish living rooms for the family, state of the art Gourmet Kitchen with a commercial grade pizza oven, roof patio with Viking grill, surround sound system, helipad, formal dining rooms and a large hot tub. All these simply mean a perfect environment for a young family to grow within.

Inside the master suite, you’ll find a large walk-in closet with dressing area, decked with a center island and wood cabinets. The master bathroom on the other hand features an exquisite fireplace. There’s also the butler’s pantry, two offices, a 2-story home theatre with coffered ceiling for a finer experience, outdoor access to the elevator and a rather interesting wine cellar. Needless to say, we also found the guest quarters, which includes 2 bedrooms.

Covering a surface of more than 11,000 square feet, from which 2,000 sq ft represent finished basement, 8,000+ sq ft – living spaces and a 6-car garage, this stunning property has been put to sale for $5.9 million. The original price asked for this mansion back in 2009 was $9.995 million, thus we can conclude it has known quite a downfall in value. It is currently listed on the Hurwitz James Company.


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