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The New Ronax 500 Race-Grade Motorbike

By Brody Patterson


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German motorbike manufacturer Ronax has recently unveiled the impressive new Ronax 500.

The vehicle comes with an aluminum frame featuring a number of CNC-machined elements, as well as a race-grade fully-adjustable steering head. The bike is equipped with a 43mm Öhlins USD fork and an Öhlins TTX rear shock, plus a matching steering damper. There are also forged aluminum wheels, monoblock Brembo brakes with 320mm front discs, and a 210mm rear rotor.

Powering the bike is a milled aluminum engine with a 2-stroke, 4V architecture, counter-rotating crankshafts, which is fed through a modern fuel injection. This powerplant churns out 160hp at 11,600 rpm, and operates with one of the two maps: sport and rain. Other racing-grade features include electric start, tuned steel headers ending in 4 carbon-Kevlar silencers, and a 6-speed transmission actuated by a multi-plate wet clutch. The use of lightweight materials like aluminum and carbon fiber ensures the bike has a dry a weight of only 320 lbs.

The Ronax 500 is basically a race bike disguised a street-legal motorcycle, so you should probably check your local road regulations before getting one. This shouldn’t be easy, since only 46 of these will be available, and they will be priced at a hefty $136,000.


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