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New Nezza skis from Swiss Ski Maker Zai

Zai Nezza skis

The Swiss ski masters from Zai have been in the business for about seven years and now they have unveiled their latest set of skis called Nezza. These skis are hand made out of carbon fiber composite materials and are probably best described by the company as a black blade to tame the mountain.

Zai has specifically developed these skis for hard slopes and “Nezza” means blade or sword so it’s a pretty well chosen name for that. The unique construction with the composite material will allow you to tailor the flexing behavior of the ski to your liking and that means you can go as fast as you want even though you’re going through deep powder.

Zai’s Nezza skis measure 173 centimeters and weight only 3.1 pounds which means these skis are some of the lightest ski sets out there. The price is about 6,900 Swiss Francs which is about $6,934.



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