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An All Wood iPhone Amplifier from Koostik

Koostik has designed an all natural iPhone dock from solid wood which uses the phone’s built in speaker and amplifies the sound acoustically. The company wanted to amplify the sound of the iPhone with no electronics at all and even though might seem as a close to impossible challenge, their solution is absolutely brilliant!

The Koostik wooden Amplifier is crafted by hand and it’s available in multiple wood combinations. This all natural amp uses simple science to amplify the sounds through two precision cut holes. The music will bounce louder and what’s even more interesting is that you don’t have to plug the iPhone in.

You just have to insert it in this beautiful wooden dock and it will start playing music enhancing any room’s atmosphere. Since you don’t need to plug the Koostik anywhere, it’s a great portable unit and you can take it basically everywhere.

All the buttons of the iPhone and controls are left accessible so there are no knobs, levels or faders to mess with, just the normal touch screen you’re used to. The price? Only $85!


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