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The New Luggage Collection by Beruccio, for Those Who Want to Travel in Style

By Brody Patterson


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If you want to travel in style, a nice travel bag or leather briefcase is essential. With this in mind, designers Michael Beruccio and Mario Mazzola, based in London and Italy respectively, have teamed up to create a range of bags that combine English class and Italian style – the Mayfair Collection.

While they usually produce limited edition, custom luggage, this time they’re using their expertise in order to create a collection that is to be sold online and manufactured according to the same high standards as their in-house designs. The luggage is made using Tuscan leather and vegetable dye, as well as traditional tannery methods. Everything, including the brackets, fastenings, zippers, and lining, is made in Italy, crafted in Sicily and Tuscany by local master artisans. Unsurprisingly, the entire process is environmentally friendly and every item is designed to last a lifetime.

So if you already have plans for the summer, or are still thinking about you holiday destination (in which case we might have a few suggestions for you), you should consider adding a touch of class to your travels with a bag or two from this excellent collection by Beruccio.


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