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Huma Island Resort & Spa is a Luxurious Haven Perfect for Divers

By Brody Patterson


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Located in the idyllic setting that is the island of Busunaga, Palawan (in the Philippines), the elegant Huma Island Resort boasts stunning ocean views and an abundance of marine life, with dozens of sunken Japanese warships and airplanes adding a special touch to the underwater environment, making it one of the world’s best diving sites.

The resort is comprised of 81 villas, 64 of which are suspended over the water on stilts. All of them feature modern design and luxurious amenities, with things like private Jacuzzis, bathtubs, as well as indoor and outdoor showers ensuring guests enjoy a wonderfully comfortable stay. In addition to the excellent accommodations, the island also has no fewer than eight dining outlets, fitness centre, library, and kids room. The most impressive of all is the Ayurveda Spa with its glass floor, meaning guests can enjoy a relaxing treatment and the fascinating marine life.

While this stunning island is indeed quite remote, the resort does offer private sea planes which can reach Manila Bay in less than an hour.


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