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New Eyewear Collection by Carrera Revives a Couple of Classic Models

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Carrera is once again making an impression with its new collection, featuring re-editions of the classic models that brought the brand where it is today: the Champion and the Carrera 6000 sunglasses.

The Italian brand is once again harnessing the appeal of their iconic aviator model – the Champion. For this year’s Spring/Summer season, they come with ultra-flat, slim profiles and are made from a combination of stainless steel and other metals which give them a comfortable and luxurious feel. This dynamic look is rounded off by the satin finish and mirrored lenses. The Champion is available in shades of brown with gray lenses, black with black lenses, blue with blue lenses, red with orange lenses.

The Carrera 6000 has been revamped and is now a sleek piece of eyewear boasting a more modern design and a stainless-steel frame which again gives it a light-weight, comfortable feel. This model comes in a fresh, lively color palette, making it a perfect fit for the warm and sunny seasons: coral with red or gray lenses, turquoise with khaki lenses, ruthenium with copper lenses, black with black lenses, white with pink lenses, blue with blue or multicolored lenses.

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