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Multipurpose Hobbit Holes by Wooden Wonders

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Written by J. R. R. Tolkien and brought to the screens by Peter Jackson, the Lord of the Rings series was one of the most successful movies ever made. And it looks like its sequel, The Hobbit, is bound to tread the same path to glory. There’s actually no age limit for these movies, both adults and children being virtually drawn into their stories.

Furthermore, enthusiasts can now benefit of a real-life Hobbit Hole, right in their back garden, courtesy of a small family-run business, founded in 2009, from Maine, Wooden Wonders. The Hobbit Holes, following the design of Tolkien’s hobbit-homes, are here to suit all sorts of needs, reportedly being available in five different lines – chicken coops, sheds, saunas, cottages and playhouses.

The first prototype Hobbit Hole was brought by the small brand to the county fair in Unity, Maine, and they have sold somewhere around 70 of these until the present day. The sheds, cottages and saunas will be delivered to the intended emplacement location and assembled accordingly by the firm, while the chicken coops and playhouses can be crated up and shipped all over the world.

In addition, the company is able to customize the designs of the Hobbit Holes following the tastes of customers, with all sorts of materials, extra features, more functions or colors. Barring their use, all of them feature a round front door and curved roof. They can be built either underground or above ground, depending on the choice of the customer.

Wooden Wonders can even go bigger, if needs, according to Melissa Pillsbury, who runs the company alongside Rocy, her husband. In spite of the rather reduced sizes of the currently sold Hobbit Holes, they would reportedly “jump at the chance to build a replica Bag End for someone”.

Even the prices are quite small, in comparison to the effort required to raise such constructions. They vary between $995, for the small chicken coop, and $14,995 for the biggest cottage model.


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