MTI Baths presents the Jentle Pet Spa

Our non-speaking mates are being bestowed with increasingly more time and care today, and have become not just pets, but genuine members of our families. I have to be honest I own a dog and this particular piece I’m depicting now would fit my bathroom just well. Let’s talk about the Jentle Pet Spa courtesy of MTI Baths.

This fixture, made especially for pooches, is, according to MTI, comfortable, therapeutic, safe and ergonomic. The bath allows the usage of all sorts of supplies and shampoos, with places especially made to support them, and also sports a fill spot and hand shower with cold and warm water taps, just like for us, humans.

The Jentle Pet Spa has also been fitted with a whirlpool with 5-point massage jets, Fill-Flush whirlpool cleaning system and a removable hair filter. They even come in two different sizes, medium or large, and four different packages, depending on the size of the pet dog. The price ones has to spend for such a useful fixture is somewhere between $1,500 and $3,200.